A Witch is she, yet how can this be so?
She is neither old, nor ugly. She is young. Beautiful. Innocent.
Yet she can cast magic. Many would shun her for her ways.
Would you? I certainly wouldn't.
She has never sinned, yet to some,she has.
Her only sin is being who she is. Nothing more.
How can you cast away this pagan lass? She has done no harm!
It is not her way. Yet she will do as she will.
The moon is her comforting mother. The sun is her protective father.
Nature is her best friend.
Witch means wisewoman.
She is wise. Is she wiser than we?
Yes. I hope she'll cast a spell for me.

by Kris Mancuso (taken from MagickalMoon)



Coming Out of the Broom Closet

Raised in a very Christian household, the thought that there were other valid ways was inconceivable, and even blasphemous. I felt like a prisoner - confined to the belief of sin and the fear of hell. There were so many questions I had that just couldn't be answered to my satisfaction by Christianity. I'm not saying that Christianity isn't valid, far from it. But for me, there was an understanding and belief inside me that strayed from the Christian views. I knew there was more to life and death. I knew there was more to Deity than a God who punishes sin and rewards holiness. So I began to study Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam... but nothing jumped out at me. Then one day I came across Wicca, and I knew at that moment it was exactly what I had always believed in.

Being Wiccan to me is like being set free, being able to step out and beyond my skin and experience a whole new world of endless possibilities and surprises. I've never felt such freedom and happiness before. There is no longer any fear or guilt. Instead, there is a knowledge and understanding. Since becoming a Wiccan, I feel that I finally know who I am, what I am doing here, and... it's hard to explain, but I feel like ME! *grin*

If you would like to learn more about the Craft, that is exactly why I have written these pages... If this is all new to you, read with an open mind. I'm not trying to make you believe as I do, but if anything, at least you can go away with a little bit more of knowledge and understanding...


*Reminder: As in the rest of my site, what is on the following pages are my opinion only. If I have offended anybody, it was not my intention. I have written these pages in the hope that it can bring people to be more openminded and aware. I also hope that it can dispel the mis-representations, prejudice, and lack of knowledge that comes with the Craft.

Wicca,... What is it?

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